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Doggy Daycare

All NEW regular daycare dogs have to be neutered and/or spayed over 1.5 years old to be able to join doggy daycare.

To join daycare on a regular basis, all dogs must be socialised & friendly with other dogs, as doggy daycare is a mixed group setting. 

However, your dog doesn't have to be social for their 'daycare trial before boarding', as this day is more for your dog to meet the team, learn the boarding routine, and see if your dog is happy in a kennel environment.

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Our daycare prices are:
Regular daycare -  £24*  per day, per dog 
Daycare trial before boarding - £24* per dog per day.

- Daycare is a flat rate of £24* per dog, whether you bring your dog for 1 hour, 3 hours, half a day or the whole day.
We recommend they come for the whole day for their daycare trial so they can get the full experience. 

At these prices, you'd be barking mad not too bring your dog to doggy daycare! 

We re-evaluate our prices every year, commencing in February & October. 

Why daycare?


Does your dog stay at home alone while you are at work? When you finally get home after a long tiring day is your dog still bouncing with energy? Doggy daycare at Four Paws Country Pet Hotel is the solution for you! 


Simply drop your dog off on your way to work and collect them on your way back from work!

Our Daycare drop off times are:
Monday - Friday  7:30am - 9am & 10.00am to 11.30am 
(Dogs need to be dropped off either before 9am or after 10am)

Collection time

From 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Closed on weekends and bank holidays. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are special opening hours for daycare dogs only, and not for dogs/cats who have boarded with us overnight.



Here are 10 reasons why Doggy Daycare is beneficial to your dog: 

  1. Helps relieve loneliness & boredom

  2. Helps with over coming separation anxiety

  3. Provides routine into your dogs life

  4. Lots of supervised fun, exercise & stimulation 

  5. Socialization - Learn to play well with others

  6. Lots of attention and TLC from the team

  7. Learning social cues

  8. Outlet for energy

  9. Change of scenery 

  10. Knowing your dog is safe when you're not home



More information


Please click these links to watch two short videos of our dog boarding facilities:

If you'd like to visit our facilities, please press this link to fill out a visitor form for our next open hour.

To make an online booking please press here (the online booking is not the doggy daycare form)






Please bring the completed doggy daycare form along with you on your first day, and send your dogs up to date vaccination certificate prior to their first day +447781 118604

All dogs have to be fully vaccinated with their standard vaccines, we encourage the Kennel Cough vaccine, but this is entirely at your own risk.

All dogs must be wearing collars.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for regular updates about our facility, and the occasional cute pup-date.

If you have any questions, please look at the very detailed FAQ page.

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Press the PDF icon for daycare/boarding form



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