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Welcome to Four Paws Country Pet Hotel
"Where Pets go on Holiday"

Our Philosophy

At Four Paws Country Pet Hotel, we are committed to giving your pet the highest standard of pet care here in Guernsey.  We provide personal service tailored for your individual pets' needs. 

When you book your pet, our guest, into Four Paws Country Pet Hotel you can be confident they are going to have as good a time as you because they are on holiday too!


Our beautiful Pet Hotel was built in St. Saviours in the Spring of 2011 and has been specially designed to give the best comfort for your pet. We offer Cat Boarding, Dog Boarding, Doggy Daycare & Horse Rug Washing/Reproofing.

We have been trading for 13 years, expanding considerably each year. Starting off small with three members of staff, to now having six members of staff.

There are a total of 48 suites and all suites are Tolvi manufactured. In all kennels there are automatic water bowls and dogs are fed twice daily. The building is fitted with Altro flooring, the kennels have underfloor heating, and a large area in the front of their kennel where they can see other dogs and express normal behaviour. You can choose from our 14 singles kennels, 24 double kennels and 10 luxury double kennels - The luxury suites have televisions for the dogs entertainment, and perspexs fronts.

Dogs are provided with Kuranda Aluminium frame beds, vet beds and are allowed to bring a blanket from home. We play classical music to help the dogs relax as well as using DAP Diffusers to assist your dog to feel at ease during their stay.


We have a hygienic waste disposal facility, indoor exercise area and secure, commercial grade artificial grass outdoor exercise areas.

The building is soundproof, has lots of natural airflow/daylight, and is fitted with an air filtration system which takes out bacteria.

We have temporary shade outside to help keep the dogs cool, on those hot summers days.

Enrichment is important to us; we have lots of toys including Tennis balls, Footballs, a Ball Machine, Tunnels, Puzzles, Weaver Poles, Flirt Poles and Frozzys for hot days.

Our employees are trained in, dog first aid, health & safety and fire safety. We also have CCTV audio recording surrounding the establishment, inside and outside. All main outside exits have double door systems to ensure extra safety.

We have a detailed website, with an online booking system for customers and in 2019 we were awarded with ‘Highly commended’ for customer service. In 2020 we won ‘Supplier of the year’ with PetQuip, and ‘Kennel of the year’ award with PIF.



We have two Catteries with 21 Cattery pens, 10 of which can house up to 3 cats comfortably.

Each cattery pen is fitted with a heat detective system and fire alarms. Both catteries have Solar Guard roofing panels, which lets the light in but reflects the heat to help keep it cool and the front of the catteries open up completely, so air can flow through the building.

We enlarged the corridors, adding a mini fridge and shelving space so we could stack the cat boxes neatly. Each cat box has a personalised cat tag from us with their name on.

All Cat pens have water bowls which get emptied and measured out daily so we know how much cats are drinking, they’re fed twice daily, and all pens have variety of toys, including robotic toys, and a cat wheel for the more playful ones! Our catteries are fitted with a thermostat heater, recycled plastic ramps, scratching posts, hammock beds, toys, cat grass, vet beds and are allowed to bring their own items.

All pens also have Altro flooring and a large area in the front of their cattery where they can express normal behaviour; climb, scratch, play and sleep.

We are committed providing your pet with the highest quality of care in order to make their holiday as enjoyable as yours.



No 1 Boarding kennels in Guernsey
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