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Our New Online Booking service is now available: please press the button below. Online booking is only for Boarding, Basic Washes and Doggy Daycare.

Please note: If you have used Four Paws in the last 5 years, you should have received an email with login details from the online booking software. If you have not received it, please get in contact by emailing

Do not re-register on the online booking software.

Forgot your password?  - Go onto the online booking, press login at the top right hand corner, then press forgot your password and entry your email address. then it will send you a temporary password. If you enter a email address and it says "User with email doesn't exist" then we have a different email on the system, so please contact us on


NEW Customers can register on the online booking software but you will still need to fill in our new customer boarding form (see booking info page)




If your pet(s) are on medication then the medication form will still need to be filled in. (Click here for form)



Opening Times - Drop offs & Collections

Monday - Friday:  10:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday:  10:00am - 1:00pm

Sundays and ALL Bank Holidays -  Closed to the public



Christmas & New Year - Opening hours 2020/2021

Wednesday 23rd December - 10am to 4pm

Thursday 24th December- 10am to 4pm

Friday 25th December - Closed to the public (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 26th December - Closed to the public (Bank Holiday)

Sunday 27th December - Closed to the public

Monday 28th December - Closed to the public (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 29th December - 10am to 4pm

Wednesday 30th December - 10am to 4pm 

Thursday 31st December  - 10am to 4pm

Friday 1st January - Closed to the public (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 2nd January - 10am - 1pm





Dog Boarding

Dog daycare: £19* per dog, per day

Standard Suite:  £19* per dog, per day (or part  thereof )

Luxury Suite:  £24* per dog, per day (or part thereof)


Cat Boarding 

Chalet or Penthouse:  £12* per cat, per day (or part thereof)


Small Animal Boarding

Rabbit / Guinea Pig / Chinchilla / Rat: £8 per hutch/cage per day (or part thereof) (up to 2 animals per hutch/cage)


Hamster / Mouse / Gerbil £5 per cage per day (or part thereof) (up to 2 animals per cage)


Birds:  £6 per day per cage (up to 2 birds per cage)


Bank Holidays: charged at one and a half times boarding rates, excluding Christmas Day (25th) and New Year's Day (1st) which are charged at double rates.



Price Structure (per dog) Explained

Doggy Day-care – Dropped off and collection same day 1 day charge = £19 Standard / £2 Luxury


1 Overnight Stay - 2 days charge = £38 Standard / £48 Luxury


2 Overnight Stays - 3 days charge = £57 Standard / £72 Luxury


3 Overnight Stays - 4 days charge = £76 Standard / £96 Luxury


4 Overnight Stays - 5 days charge = £95 Standard / £120 Luxury


5 Overnight Stays - 6 day charge = £114 Standard / £144 Luxury


6 Overnight Stays - 7 day charge = £133 Standard / £168 Luxury


7 Overnight Stays - 8 day charge = £152 Standard / £192 Luxury

And so on……..

Part day charges are applied due to disinfection times of kennels once your pet(s) has left.    

This is an industry standard used by most kennels in the UK and Channel Islands.

*Please note we re-evaluate our prices every year, commencing in February. 







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Pet Industry Federation (PIF) membership number: 56168477