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Online Bookings 

Please read all of the information under the 'booking info' tab before using the online booking system.

We do not offer boarding/doggy daycare to full males or full females (unneutered/chemical castration) dogs or cats over the age of 1.5 years old. 


All bookings will require a 50% deposit to guarantee the booking. Full details under the tab "Booking info" - "Deposit

This data is live so you will know if we have space available. If you are having problems selecting a certain day, it could be a bank holiday, Sunday etc


The online bookings system is saying we are only open in the morning time slot for drop off and collection, this is not correct. Unfortunately, this is a glitch in the system which cannot be fixed.

Please remember our opening hours when booking. 

We do not accept online bookings outside of our working hours. If the system has let you make the booking then we have space available and it should be fine. 

Important information

How to make an online booking?


New Customers: 

We have introduced compulsory daycare sessions before your dogs first staycation. Please book daycare session when you do the boarding booking. 

Kennels are not for every dog, despite how outgoing your dog might be. Dogs can act differently when being away from their owners, being around other dogs in a group setting and in a new environment.

It's important to us that your dog enjoys their holiday as much as you do!

You can register as a new customer on the online booking software but you will still need to fill in our boarding forms  (see booking info page)

Existing Customers:


If you have used Four Paws in the last 5 years, PLEASE DO NOT make a new account/re-register as you already have one registered with us. The email address we have on the system is the one you would have received an email from us before.

If you have forgotten your login details please get in contact by emailing or whatsapping +447781 118604

Important: Please DO NOT re-register on the online booking software if your pets have stayed with us in the last 5 years.

Forgot your password? Go onto the online booking, press login at the top right hand corner, then press forgot your password and enter your email address. It will send you a temporary password (check your junk folder).


Username does not exist? If you enter a email address and it says "User with email doesn't exist" then we have a different email on the system. The online system will only allow one email address per family, so your pets account might be under your spouses email address or your work email address -  if you are unsure we will be able to tell you which email is registered, so please contact us: 


Having problems? If you're having problems logging in, please contact us on


NEW Customers - Can register on the online booking software but you will still need to fill in our boarding forms  (see booking info page)


Please click 'online booking' below

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