Boarding Forms




If your pet has not boarded with us within the last 2 years OR this is your first stay at Four Paws Country Pet Hotel, please complete the appropriate Boarding Contract below and bring it with you when dropping off your pet.

Dog Boarding Contract

Cat Boarding Contract

Small Animal Boarding Contract

UPDATE - new computer system


Customers who have been at Four Paws over the last two years have now been put on a new computer system, so there is no need to fill in any more boarding forms.

If you have boarded with us over the last two years, you will definitely have an online account. If you're having trouble logging in, you may have previously signed up with your partners email address. If you're having trouble, please contact us and do not make a new account.


If your pet is on medication then the medication form will still need to be filled in. (see below)


If your pet(s) will require Medication to be administered, please ensure you bring sufficient supply for the stay and allow an additional 4 days in case of any travel delays you may encounter. Please complete the Medication Form below (one per product) and bring with you when dropping off your pet(s). please supply treat/food to put medication in.

Medication Form

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