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Last updated - Jan 2024



Please, note we no longer accept RAW food, please make changes to your pet food before the stay to tin, cooked or dry food. 


The food we supply here at Four Paws Country Pet Hotel:

(Food flavours vary on a weekly basis, we cannot guarantee we will have a specific flavour)

We do not supply any dietary food, 'Grain-Free' or puppy/kitten food 


ADULT Dry Dog Food:

Pedigree Complete 

James Wellbeloved Medium Kibble - Turkey Flavour only

Royal Canin Adult Medium Kibble


ADULT Wet Dog Food:

Pedigree Chum Tin

Butchers Tin

ADULT Dry Cat Food

Whiskas Complete

Go-Cat Complete


ADULT Wet Cat Food

Whiskas tins in Meat & Fish 

Butcher tins in Meat & Fish

If your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. 

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