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Our luxury cat boarding in Guernsey is second to none, providing a home-from-home for your feline friends.

Located in St Saviour's, our facilities consist of twenty-one cat pens, which are specially designed for your pets' comfort.


Cat Suites - £12* per cat, per day (or part thereof)*


We have two types of cat suites:-

  • Chalets - These are suitable for up to three cats 

  • Penthouse - Suitable for one or two cats

Your cat(s) will be placed in the suite most suited to them.

We tend to keep older cats in the Chalets and the younger more adventurous ones in the Penthouses.


Our Suites include:-

  • Insulated bedroom area fitted with a heater

  • Cat-napping shelf within bedroom area next to a Perspex window. This gives your cat a pleasant area to sleep in and look out on the world

  • Vinyl flooring throughout, ensuring highest levels of hygiene

  • Soft fleece Vet Beds for cats' comfort

  • Cat scratching post

  • Litter tray

  • Cat grass provided to improve digestion

  • Three dries and three wet food varieties available

  • Natural pet calming remedy, extremely helpful with nervous cats

  • Natural daylight Perspex roof

  • Perspex windows can be opened on hot days to give a cooling breeze


* Price Structure (per cat) Explained

 Dropped off and collection same day 1 day charge = £12



1 Overnight Stay - 2 days charge = £24


2 Overnight Stays - 3 days charge = £36


3 Overnight Stays - 4 days charge = £48


4 Overnight Stays - 5 days charge = £60


5 Overnight Stays - 6 day charge = £72


6 Overnight Stays - 7 day charge = £84


7 Overnight Stays - 8 day charge = £96

And so on……..

Part day charges are applied due to disinfection times of cattery once your pet(s) has left.    

This is an industry standard used by most cattery in the UK and Channel Islands.


Bank Holidays: charged at one and a half times boarding rates, excluding Christmas Day (25th) and New Year's Day (1st) which are charged at double rates


**Please note we re-evaluate our prices every year, commencing in February. 


Chalets  Suites

Penthouse  Suites

Chalets & Penthouse  Suites

Cats on their Holidays

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Pet Industry Federation (PIF) membership number: 56168477