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Bordetella also known as Kennel Cough or Canine Cough

Bordetella, Kennel Cough & Canine Cough disclaimer

The name ‘Kennel Cough’ can be misleading and the majority of the population think that the virus is caught only in kennels, so some people do not get their dogs vaccinated against the virus. Unfortunately, however, this is not true.

The reason the infection was named Kennel Cough is because it can spread quickly amongst dogs in close quarters like kennels or n animal shelter. Kennel Cough is an airborne virus primarily spread through the air which is highly contagious and can be caught anywhere: walking on the cliffs, in dog parks, on beaches etc. It is also transmitted by bacteria on toys, food / water bowls, or other shared objects. It can even be caught by touching noses, sniffing bottoms, or just breathing in the same air as an infected dog. – And remember, not all dogs show signs that they are infected.

When an infected dog coughs, sneezes, barks, or even sheds dander – just once – he releases thousands of microscopic contaminates into the air. The aerosolized bacteria and viruses can remain viable (i.e. alive and able to infect) in the air for up to 2 weeks on tiny dust particles, travelling throughout the environment until inhaled by another dog. Once ingested, these agents begin to wreak havoc within the upper respiratory tract.

The Bordetella Vaccination commonly known as the Kennel Cough vaccine is not a compulsory vaccination, although for the health and wellbeing of your dog(s) it is highly recommended that they receive the vaccine annually, along with their standard vaccinations. All dogs must have their standard vaccinations in order to board with us, and we would definitely prefer them all to have the Kennel Cough vaccine, too, to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. However, if yours do(es) not have the kennel cough vaccination this is entirely at your own risk, and Four Paws Country Pet Hotel will not be held liable for any after-care or veterinary expenses that the Kennel Cough virus may entail.

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