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We cordially welcome you and your pets to our Four Claws country pet hotel in Guernsey. We take pride in providing personal care services tailored to your individual pet’s requirements. Moreover, we ensure to provide services for 24-7 pet care limited channel islands and Guernsey. The concept of the daycare facility for your pets is unique while providing nurture care in order to deliver the best comfort is our optimum goal.

Here’s our expert pet sitter have enlisted some important reasons to consider hiring a professional pet care team-


First And Foremost What Exactly Your Beloved Pet Experiences-

  • Maintained diet: Your pet will have a proper diet routine, enjoy favorite treats, as well as play with the toys and the bed. That clearly means a healthy lifestyle followed along with his regular routine every day.


  • Special Attention: One of the main reasons to get a pet service is that when you’re away from your beloved dog, our expert pet caretaker will ensure to provide special attention with tender love and care.



  • Emergency Care: Our staffs are highly trained and experienced enough to high standards to provide care for animals even during any emergency situations if occurred.


  • Long-Term Relationship: Your adorable pet will develop a long-term relationship with your pet sitter while also making new friends with other pets as well.



  • Expert Care: Your pet dogs and animals will experience the joy of expert care because at our pet hotel there’s no exposure to any diseases, parasites, illness, or unpredictable dogs.

What You Experience With Us!

  • Peace of mind.

  • Added convenient services such as full grooming facility, dog boarding, or cat boarding.

  • Stress-free day.


Why Choose Us?

  • We provide the newest facility on the Island.

  • We can accommodate all breeds of small animals, cats, and dogs.

  • Highly-trained staffs.

  • Many years of experience in this field of work.

Our hotel is No. 1 and provides 24-7 pet care limited channels in Island and Guernsey. Take your pet to the holiday with us! We provide online booking better convenience or you can always contact our team now! Dial (+44(0)1481 264 206. Follow us on facebook and Instagram!


* Price Structure (per cat) Explained

 Dropped off and collection same day 1 day charge = £12



1 Overnight Stay - 2 days charge = £24


2 Overnight Stays - 3 days charge = £36


3 Overnight Stays - 4 days charge = £48


4 Overnight Stays - 5 days charge = £60


5 Overnight Stays - 6 day charge = £72


6 Overnight Stays - 7 day charge = £84


7 Overnight Stays - 8 day charge = £96

And so on……..

Part day charges are applied due to disinfection times of cattery once your pet(s) has left.    

This is an industry standard used by most cattery in the UK and Channel Islands.


Bank Holidays: charged at one and a half times boarding rates, excluding Christmas Day (25th) and New Year's Day (1st) which are charged at double rates


**Please note we re-evaluate our prices every year, commencing in February. 


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Pet Industry Federation (PIF) membership number: 56168477