Webcam LOGIN

Please note: We recommend using Opera Browser. Other browsers may not always work with our webcam system.
Opera can be downloaded free from or your play store.
We would recommend you to download this app and also check webcam login before leaving the island for your trip. thank you
Please click on the webcam number on your webcam login card, then enter your username and password to view your live webcam feed.
The webcam does not have night vision, this means you will not be able to see your dog after dark.
If you would like access to webcam service we can to upgrade your dog to the luxury suite, please get in contact with us, its an extra £5 per day 

Step by step User Guide for webcam Log In


Go to the website address:


On the home page, click on the pink button at the top right-hand side "Webcam LOGIN"




Click on the pink button Kennel _______










When the screen pops up, put your details as follow:

User Name:_____________________  (No spaces)

Password: ______________________ (No spaces)





The screen will load up: press "Single" on the top middle tab.



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