Doggy Daycare



Does your dog stay at home alone while you are at work? When you finally get home after a long tiring day is your dog still bouncing with energy? Doggy daycare at Four Paws Country Pet Hotel is the solution for you! 


Simply drop your dog off on your way to work. We have modern and hygienic indoor facilities and outdoor playing areas. This means your dog can run, play with their new friends and interact with our team instead of spending the day alone.

 A lot of people do not realise just how many benefits there are to bringing your dog to doggy daycare. It’s reassuring to know that your dog is well looked after and enjoying themselves at daycare while you are out or at work. 



Here are 10 reasons why Doggy Daycare is beneficial to your dog: 

  1. Helps relieve loneliness & boredom

  2. Helps with over coming separation anxiety

  3. Provides routine into your dogs life

  4. Lots of supervised fun, exercise & stimulation 

  5. Socialization - Learn to play well with others

  6. Lots of attention and TLC from the team

  7. Learning social cues

  8. Outlet for energy

  9. Change of scenery 

  10. Knowing your dog is safe when you're not home.

    If you are unsure whether or not your dog(s) are suitable for Doggy Daycare, or you would like to make an appointment to come and have a look around or you'd like to know more about our Daycare service please get in touch 07781118604,



Our Daycare opening hours are:
Monday - Friday  7:30am until 5:30pm 
Closed on weekends and bank holidays. 

Our day care prices are: £20* per day, per dog

That's only £2.00 per hour - you'd be barking mad not too bring your dog to doggy daycare. 



PLEASE NOTE: These are special opening hours for daycare dogs only and not for dogs/cats who have stayed with us overnight.



Please complete and bring in the doggy daycare form with you on the first day along with your dogs up to date vaccination certificate. 


*Please note we re-evaluate our prices every year, commencing in February. 

Press the PDF icon for daycare form

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Pet Industry Federation (PIF) membership number: 56168477